Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Do or a Don't

We can all thank Steven Tyler  and Keysha for the hair feather trend.  Personally, its not my cup of tea.  But I did some digging and found out what this so called "trend" is doing to roosters.  These feathers are not easy to find.  According to the NY Daily News the feathers come from roosters that are genetically bred and raised for their plumage.  In many cases, the birds do not survive the plucking.  The birds live for about a year while the feathers get long; they are plucked and than euthanized.  A farm in Colorado is now killing 1,500 roosters a week just to keep up.  All to go in women's hair???  PUH-LEASE!  Not to mention, these feathers are supposed to be going towards fly fishing.  Matt Brower, a guide and assistant manager at Idaho Angler in Boise said, "it takes years and years and years to develop these chickens to grow these feathers.  And now instead of  ending up on a fly, it's going into women's hair."  This is what is putting this new trend in such a hot seat.  Fly fisherman are pretty pissed about the whole thing.  Let's just recognize this rooster butt feather trend in your hair for what it is...ridiculous as it sounds!!!

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