Thursday, June 16, 2011

from one project to the next

Now that Im finishing up my monster's room, my brain is already moving onto the next project which is..... Painting the downstairs bathroom!!!  This bathroom is small and kind of scary.  Its tucked away in the laundry room had a big ole sink with a bulky cabinet  and just isn't too inviting!  I've decided to redo it! We are going to get a new sink and paint it.  Here are some ideas i'm fooling around with!  Tell me what you think!  Im torn between a couple different ideas!!!

I am in love with this color paint!  Its so fresh and welcoming for a bathroom!

For the sinks, I'm torn between a glass vessel bows or just a regular one.  I like both!!! Here are my ideas!
I really like the japanese cherry blosson.  I think it would be pretty against the mint.



something simple and modern like this

or just plain white...

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