Friday, June 10, 2011

Wedding Fever

One more day until I'm a Mrs. To my handsome amazing Mr!!!! As I sit in my bed of sanctuary before all hell breaks loose today I am filled with excitement.  Everything that needs to get done will and if doesn't oh well... the sun in shining there's no far..... and life is good. Theres always some sort of drama with weddings. Mine happens to have a lot and it started early, things definitely are not going as planned but I know in my heart everything will be great!  I've been thrown every wedding curveball, jumped over all the hurtles, and tackled all that needs to be done. I have the help of my future in laws and my amazing bridal party!!!!  My bff is coming up from san Luis obispo today and I cannot wait to see her!!!!!!! Despite me telling her to not come to the rehearsal or the dinner because her new hubby didnt get work off and driving that long distance by yourself is stupid...she still is!

Until next time when I'm officially his Mrs!

T minus one day!!!! I can't believe its finally here

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  1. What an exciting day for you!! Tomorrow you marry your true love!! The next time you see him will be when you walk down that isle and you share that special moment!! While the whole room will be looking at you, you will be looking at him!!! You're going to be an AMAZING bride and an even more amazing wife!! I can't wait to stand by your side!!! I also can't wait to spend the entire day with you!!! Noon get her already!!! LOL love you bug!!