Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Backyard Beauties

When we first bought our house and moved in last August, we had a beautiful tree in the backyard.  It had these huge leaves with little blooms on it but I never knew what it was.  A couple months ago, i went out back to weed and play with monster and walked over to the tree and much to my surprise there was fruit on it!!!  I was so excited and I made my now husband come out back and look at it with me.  He did not share my enthusiasm!!  Ever since than, i have been watering it occasionally anxiously waiting to see what the tree was! 
Little baby surprises..

THAN this weekend we were out back setting up monster's new water table and I was watering and I found this!!!

Its a fig!  i have a fig tree!!!  specifically a black jack fig tree!

i couldn't wait to pick it and try it!   I Love grilled figs or cheese plates with fig!!!  Sadly, THIS fig would not be mine... something else got to it first....

It's so exciting now that i know what it is!!!  I also found out we have a decorative bush.  I once lived with someone that had a real one and i loved it!  Lot of work though, so i was pleased to find out this is just as pretty with half the work!!  Here's a pic!
And hummingbirds love it!

Over time, we want to plant new things, have a veggie garden add numerous flowers and get a lawn(!!!!) but these are my excitements for now! :)

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