Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy monday everyone!!!!  I'm in a ridiculously good mood this morning because I had an amazing weekend!!!! ! I saw a TON of my friends, got our wedding pictures (YAY), celebrated birthdays, got to hang with my husband ALL weekend, and swam with my monster!!!  It was an overall joyous weekend!  My in-laws came over and helped us weed and clean up our side yard on saturday and my backyard looks so good now!  All i need now is my PB table and chairs to make it official :) I tried out a new cupcake recipe and they seemed to be a huge success!  If i had remembered to charge my camera battery i could have taken pics but sadly i did not :( Here's a cute pic of a cupcake anyhow..

On sunday monster got to ride a pony (!!!) and pet chickens, bunnies, and goats.  He was a little uneazy with the chickens and goats but loved the bunnies and pony!!!  it was so much fun!  He's turning into such a little man!

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