Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is what i feel like doing today!!!!  I just need to scream my stress away!  I only worked a half day yesterday so i could get dinner prepped and tidy up the house a bit before our dinner party guests arrived.  We have this dreadful downstairs closet where everything just get miscellaneously thrown in it.  I put some shoes in it yesterday and some other crap in there as well.  So my hubby gets home from work yesterday and says absolutely nothing about the house.... I finally had to say something about it because sometimes praises are needed!  I had to leave to go pick up my monster and left the vacuum cleaner and a couple other things on our landing thinking my loving husband would remove them before our company came over BUT he didn't!  He nearly tripped over the vacuum cleaner when he came in but did he think about moving it??  NO!  So after cleaning and cooking all afternoon I had to move the rest of things from the landing.  I am by no means a tidy person but if you see someone cleaning...HELP THEM!!!  and to make matters worse, this morning my hubby is looking for shoes that he notoriously takes off right in front of the couch is looking for me.  i probably through them in our junk closet but will never fully confess to it.  SHOES DON'T BELONG IN FRONT OF THE COUCH!!!!!!!  So my hubby this morning has the audacity to say he hates when I  throw things in that closet!  Maybe if he helped me around the house once in a while i wouldn't have a junk closet!  i couldn't believe my ears.  He quickly rebutted when he saw my face as i turned around....

It got me thinking how much i want to yell and scream at him.  I do EVERYTHING around the house!  not to mention there are many days I feel like a single mother.  It was fine when I was a stay at home mom for several months.  I had no problem cooking and cleaning.  But i am a full time working mom now.  I need help.  i feel like i am drowning with everything.  Just once i would like to hear him say, "hunny, sit down, ill do the dishes".  Or better yet, come home and dinner actually be ready on the table waiting for monster and I.  Or how-about, my hubby getting our monster ready for bed so i can sit and relax or prepare for tomorrow's craziness.  Hell even a diaper change would help! My life is a whirlwind of chaos and there are days where I just want to scream GET OFF YOUR ASS AND HELP ME!  I WORK ALL DAY TOO!!!!!!  UGH....
Don't get me wrong.  I love my husband to death and he does work extremely hard.  There are nights he works  two jobs and doesn't get home until almost 11:00 pm.  I realize how tired he can be and acknowledge and love all he does for his family.  But than Saturday rolls around and he's up at the crack of dawn ready to play softball ALL FRICKIN day long!!! How do you handle the stress without wanting to strangle your husband/loved one?

How many of you have your junk drawer/closet?  and what do you do with all your crap??

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