Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend recap

Hello all!!!  Sorry I'm starting so late but it has been a crazy day for me!!!  I had another amazing weekend!  We went to a BBQ on Saturday.  Monster got to play with the twin boys, that were born the day after he was (small world huh?,  and some other little ones. I rarely get to see the twins or the mama since i work during the day but monster has play dates with them often.  We had ribs, fancy mac and cheese and i made my cupcakes that everyone raved about last weekend.  They were again a huge hit!!  My mom took monster Saturday night and i got to go out for drinks with some of my girlfriends.  Let me tell you, it was long overdue!  We went to a local brewery which used to be one of my go to hangouts and I was oddly excited to go there again.  I haven't been "out" since my memorable bachelorette party nor been to this brewery in a while.  And let me tell you, it smells EXACTLY the same.  Like stale beer and cleaning products... a smell i used to love oddly. Needless to say, we sat outdoors.  It was fun catching up and gossiping with the other moms and reuniting with old friends.  We went to a newer restaurant, Morimoto's, afterwards for more cocktails *GASP* and appetizers.  While its a hip restaurant with yummy cocktails, it was a little too fancy for me.  I was happy when the girls were ready to leave.  I did, however, love the lounge. The big plush yellow chairs and comfy sofas made my bum very happy!!!  The staff was quite attentive which is refreshing for a popular restaurant in the valley.

On Sunday, we had luxury box tickets to the A's v. Angels game via my husband's boss.  I'm not a huge  A's fan but it was fun and i like supporting the local teams.  It was nice to have a date day with my husband and some friends!!  We had an AWESOME time tailgating and bbqing.  The box itself wasn't overly impressive (not as nice as the Giants') but it did have a nice view and we had some good laughs!  
My bff

Me and my hunny pie!
Hope everyone had a fun weekend!!!

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