Friday, August 26, 2011


My friend over at just had her new baby HUDSON!!!!!  I am so over the moon excited for her and her family!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is absolutely adorable.   I can't post pictures before her so I will leave that to the new mom BUT he is such a squisher pie!!!!  Mama and baby are doing great and he just makes me want a new baby...{kind of :)} I miss that new baby smell, the cuteness, the tinyness!  oh man!!  They have already been blessed by having 2 twin boys born the day after my monster!  Congratulations to the happy family.

It is also MY mommy's birthday today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!   I feel so blessed by having a mom like her.  She is amazing.  Anything BUT ordinary.  She is so selfless, gracious, poised, smart, beautiful, and looks rocking for her age {she would KILL me if I posted that :)} She is the ABSOLUTE BEST!  I couldn't imagine my life without her and i wouldn't be who i am today if it wasn't for her!  One more time, happy birthday mom, i love you so much!!!

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