Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Signs

I'm excited to share some news I stumbled across online yesterday!  I have been perusing the Pottery Barn website ever since our wedding buying things here and there and i came across a cute little sign that would look adorable over a window by our kitchen table.  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love these signs, hell I used them at my wedding reception!!!!  Here's the Pottery Barn sign

After adding up the tax plus s&h, I just could not justify spending $104 for a cutesie sign.  Besides my hubby would probably have a heartache!!  So than i got an idea about finding something like it but smaller & cheaper.  I found a few on Etsy but THAN! i stumbled across this blog that had the same dilemma and instead of pouting (like me) she did a DIY replica!!! Here is her sign..

I fell in love!  Her blog is AMAZING! Go check it out for the tutorial!!

This gave me an idea for the fork and spoon art i have been drooling over since before my nuptials.  Again from Pottery Barn, 

With the high price of $279 i just couldn't justify paying that for fork and spoon wall decor.  A co-worker of mine ran into World Market and found these bad boys.  Not only do they go perfectly with my decor and the sign I'm going to make this weekend, they're $20 each!!  YEA, you read that right $20! Plus, i have a 10% off coupon just by being a member there.  i cant wait to take my happy butt down there on my lunch!  Just the news i needed after a not-so-great day yesterday!
This isn't the best picture but it gives you the idea.  Ill post my new pics in my kitchen next week!  :)

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