Friday, August 19, 2011

Kitchen Fevah!

When my hubby and I bought our house I hated the kitchen.  I loved the new stainless appliances but hated the white tile countertops.  Lately I have been pouring over kitchen blogs and looking at pictures.  Since remodeling our kitchen {or any kitchen for that matter} is ridiculously expensive, I have decided to paint our cabinets and remove some.  Here are some kitchen inspirations!!

I love this blue/gray color on the cabinets. 

I also love this color on the cabinets with the glass doors

Before we moved into our own house, we rented a condo and it had the corner shelves which i really miss and would like to add
i like the mini shelf here.  I am very short so i hardly ever put anything on the top shelves of our cabinets.  This would be very handy for me! 
Eventually i want to add an island where we can put a stove top.  I would like to cook and be able to socialize rather than stare blankly at a wall...

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