Friday, August 12, 2011

Lunch Delightfulness

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to Norman Rose Tavern for lunch with one of my most favorite longest  friend and her mom!  I've only been here one either time for drinks and apps and it was pretty good so my tummy was super excited!!!  

We all got something different so we could share!  I've been hearing raves about their five dot burgers so that's what i decided to get.  It was delicious but a little too greasy for my liking. {The bacon was cooked to perfection}

My girlfriend and got a sun dried cherry and red wine vinaigrette salad and her mom a grilled cheese!  And we shared a bowl of fries!!  Not the Truffle & Parmesan  fries but those are AH-MAZING & worth every penny!!!! 

The next time i go, i will be trying the chicken salad because that was a top contender for yesterday.  
Tavern Chop Salad: Grilled Chicken, Baby Spinach,
Grilled Corn, Green Beans, Goat Cheese, Honey-Jalepeño Lime Vinaigrette {YUM!}

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