Thursday, August 18, 2011

OH what a night....

Last night I had the luxury of going out!  Daddy stayed home with the monster so mommy could go play {by play I mean a work meeting}.  I told you last week how I had discovered Pinnacle vodka and all their different flavors.  SO i took my happy butt down to BevMo this week and picked up a couple bottles!  I bought the Whipped and Chocolate whipped and they are to die for!!!!!  I will never again drink plain ole' boring vodka! The Whipped vodka makes everything so much better whether its in a lemon drop or an espresso martini!!! I played bartender {surprisingly I have improved and rocked it!} and here is what I made.  Since the girls and i decided to have more than one drink, I created a little sampler so everyone could try them all and then pick their poison (:  {when i say shots they weren't REAL shots.. we aren't 21 anymore}And yes i color coordinated the shot glasses and printed out a little explanation....

First up were mini Lemon Drop & Fruity Whip shots {the fruity whips were DE-LISH}

Next were mini Espresso martini shots

Lastly, {my 2nd FAVE} were mini Coco Chanel martini shots garnished with fresh mint and a Hershey's kiss {not pictured}
I had such a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed my night off playing bartender.  Its rare that i get a night to myself especially during the week.  My next Pinnacle purchases will be the grape and gummy flavor and maybe orange whipped too!!!!  I want to try them all!!!!  I highly recommend you go pick up a bottle or 2 today!

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