Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oooh La La

Ever since I got engaged I have had an obsession with Williams-Sonoma. Sadly since there aren't any close to where we live, we got nothing from our registry there.  I just got the new fall catalog and am currently obsessing.  You can find all these beauties over at Williams-Sonoma

Everyone should own something like this and we dont..YET!

French Skillets

I love all these different colors

Who doesn't already sit and hover over their toast toasting? Now you can just politely watch!
I want this so I can make the picture below!
These are just too cute

i make a mean grilled cheese so a skillet would get used a lot

Omelet pan?  YES!

I'm not a total fan of white dishes but these soup bowls are perfection
For someone who doesnt cook i sure do have expensive kitchen taste!  :P
This is from frontgate and not kitchen related but so pretty and would  look fantastic on my doors!

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