Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Take me out to the ball game...

We are starting to plan our little monster's 2nd birthday party!!!  i can't believe hes going to be two in just 18 days!!! Where has the time gone???  Last year we did a safari theme.  BUT this year is so much more fun because my monster LOVES baseball particularly the Giants so we are throwing him a baseball party!!!  He loves to sit with daddy and watch baseball {although i fear he will pick up nasty words by doing so but too cute to scold}.  I have been planning since after our wedding but now its time to buckle down.  This weekend we are going to buy all the loot and I have to start practicing making my baseball cupcakes!!!  I found a few cupcakes i like but can't decide which ones i want to make! Its going to be so much fun!!!!!!  The food will also be baseball related, hotdogs & popcorn.  I wanted to rent a popcorn machine for looks but daddy said no..I'm still working on him though!!

I cannot wait to see my monster's face!!!  WE have all kinds of fun activities/games planned for the kids!!!   

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