Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend fun {too much!}

I had an exhausting but very fun weekend!!!!!  I was only home to sleep Friday night to wake up and leave early Saturday morning and not return til Sunday night.  Daddy had a softball tourny in Napa and since he complains that monster and I never go we decide to surprise him and head out there.  Monster loves to watch daddy play softball.  He likes to play with the other kids and run around all crazy!  He got a special treat this weekend because he got to see Julianna and Tegan, the kids of his sitter.  He LOVES them!!!  He rode on his first scooter with the help of mommy and "anna" as monster calls her.  Than we went to grandma and grandpa's for a nap and lunch.  After that we headed downtown to the Brews, Blues and BBQ festival to meet up with some friends!  We played, ate snow cones, listened to some blues and ran around some more.  Saturday night my brother and sister and their kids came over to cook birthday dinner for our parents.  It was so much fun!  We made s'mores and told stories at the end of the night.  Monster loves his cousins!!! It was nice to catch up with everyone so I stayed the night at my parents because I was EXHAUSTED plus my nieces begged me (:  Sunday we bbq'ed at our friends house for his bday were monster played trains with a friend!!  All in all I had a GREAT weekend.  My house, lawn, plants and laundry were totally ignored but it was a rare treat where I got to do everything I wanted with my boy!!!  I didnt even think to take a single picture...

So this doesn't sound like a complete diary entry, while at my mom's I tried her Kerastase Nutritive product and it was like heaven in a tub!  My hair was so silky and smooth and totally rejuvenated.  No more dead ends or flyaways and it still looks amazing today! I will be going to invest in this stuff and probably more.  I have heard rave reviews about their products but never tried!!
Sealed with this stuff, my hair looked FABULOUS yesterday!  Even my hubby commented on it 

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