Monday, August 22, 2011

Wild weekend

Good morning!  I had an amazing whirlwind weekend!  Mani/Pedi day Saturday, a wedding Saturday night and went to country concert on Sunday!  The girls and I tried a new place in town, La Vie and I was anything but disappointed.  I have heard some bad things and read the not-so-nice reviews about this place but they did a great job, it was clean, and the ladies were so nice!!!  You can even enjoy a glass of chammy while getting pampered!!!

The wall of colors!  nice to not see crusty old polish.  These were all fresh and new! 

rose petals in the bath water, YES PLEASE!
Our end result pretty toes, ready to dance the night away!
Saturday night we attended our friends and my husband's co-workers wedding.  The bride looked absolutely stunning and her dress was GORGEOUS!!!!  They got married at the Napa Valley Country Club with breathtaking views.  Their ceremony was held outside and our friend married them.  Cocktail hour was out on the balcony of the main building overlooking Napa valley.  It really was gorgeous!!!  I enjoyed cocktail hour a little too much and unfortunately left early.  I am pleased to say that no one noticed so I composed my drunken self well (:
The girls and i enjoying cocktail hour!

Sunday was our concert day!  We got see Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryant, Thompson Square and some other local bands!  It was so great.  Dierks and Thompson Square hold a special place in my heart as my hubby and I first dance was to Dierks Bentley and the song we first heard as hubby and wife was Thompson Square so it meant a lot of me to go see them live!  We had such a great time except the lines were RIDICULOUSLY long for everything.  From beer to food.  The fairgrounds said they only expected about 3,000 people but all of a sudden that number doubled!  We met up with a lot of other friends so it was a nice day date!!!!

My love and i listening to some music!
My date for the weekend!!!  <3 her
 I had such a beautifiul weekend with some really great people!!!! Ready to tackle my week so I can get to the next one!!!

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