Thursday, September 8, 2011

Green with Envy

When we first started looking at houses I had some requirements 1) I wanted a walk in closet.  We had one at our condo and I never wanted to settle for anything else 2) We needed TWO sinks in the master bath.  My hubby shaves his face and doesn't wash it out afterwards thoroughly {GROSS I know} 3) I wanted a nice big open kitchen like my brother-in-law and sister-in law-have.  And some other things but these were my TOP factors in buying a house.  NONE of these were met!! BUT when we first walked into our now house I knew it was home.  I could see the possibilities! and it was meant for us.  I could feel it (:

I found this picture of a kitchen and it was love at first sight!!   This kitchen reminds me of ours at home because of where the window is and sink, the cabinets and being able to see into the dining room through the doorway {although that's where our monster's play room is} 

It just oozes perfection.  I love the bright and cheery-ness of the green.  It is so welcoming and calm.  And the white cabinets, when can I start painting!!!!??!  My hubby HATES the color green for reasons which i wont go into as its kind of ridiculous to me.  Anyways after showing him a couple other kitchen pictures I liked we came across this one and this one was his favorite!!!!  {I saved the best for last} I got the GREEN light to start painting!  Now I wish I could start and finish this project before our monster's b-day party this weekend...sadly THAT won't be happening!  We are going to hold off on painting the cabinets white for right now as our contertops our white. We have plans of remodeling our kitchen but that won't be happening any time soon {sigh}

Once i got the A-ok I tried finding the paint color and brand.  It turns out to be Valspar Bella Mint!  I could barely contain my excitment as I called Lowe's to see if they had it.  Come to find out, THAT PAINT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED!!!!!!!  I almost started crying right then and there.  Still upset when I got home, hubby consoled me and said he was sure there was something similar we could find.  So that's my plan for next week after we get through birthday festivities!!!

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