Monday, October 3, 2011

Good morning all!!!  I'm so happy to see that fall has FINALLY come!  This morning I decided to treat myself a little bit and indulged in a PSL from Starbucks & man o'man is it delish {literally like liquid pumpkin pie}on this chilly overcast morning!  I had a pretty low key weekend.  The daddy was away at midnight madness all weekend for softball so it was just monster and I.  I booked his two year old photos this weekend {i know almost a month late}and let me tell you, I will never do it at a mall again. I loved their props and the staff was pretty nice BUT monster was running all over the place.  He would NOT sit still {as most 2 year olds wont}.  Last year we had a friend take them at a park and that went MUCH better!!!  We only got a couple good ones out of like 50 and luckily for this mama we got a good mama and son picture :)  However, I booked our appt. at 1:30 so monster could have his nap first, I was not informed that they went for lunch at 2 and would reopen again at 3.  During our little break we did a little shopping where I picked up some cute winter clothes & THIS!

I also fell in love with these beauties over at Aldo but resisted...
Returning back to Sears @ 4 so we could look over our pictures I was than informed that they wouldn't be ready until 10/16!!!!!!!  Were they serious??!  why did I just walk around the mall aimlessly buying things for two hours when we could have just gone home?!  I was not pleased.

On Sunday, we went and picked up the daddy in Sacramento!  Than we just lounged around and enjoyed our family time.  I cooked a nice meal {I'm getting much better}& made the BEST meat loaf found HERE with garlic Parmesan potatoes, artichokes and rolls!  I fed our monster early so the daddy and I could enjoy a nice quiet meal together!  Than  we watched a movie. I love it when he is home!  Happy Monday! 

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