Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nails! Nails! Nails!

 Ever since I got engaged i have become OBSESSED with nail polish and having nice tidy nails.  Normally for summer I like bright pinks, neutrals and whites but come fall I am ready to go to dark!  Right now, these are some of my favorites!!!! 

Texas collection "Suzi loves cowboys"
Espresso Holiday Glow
Get in the Expresso Lane

My favorite and currently on display "Give me Moor"!!  Its not as dark as "Lincoln park after dark"

Muppett Collection "Rainbow Collection"
Let's not forget taking the polish off and letting our nails breathe.  I recently stumbled across these at Target and I am in love.  I hate the over powering smell of nail polish removers.  It gives me a headache, my nails always feel funny afterwards and with a toddler around I don't like that harsh smell around him.  These wipes work wonders and smell like rose water!  

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