Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh weekend, why do you end so quick?!

I had one of the BEST weekends Ive had in a long time.  The hubby was home ALL weekend.  We actually got out of the house and spend time with our friends, i got to have some girl time and some cuddle time.  On Saturday we went to Dixon with another family and did the corn maze {which BTW is 40 acres!!}and played around in the massive pumpkin patch.  I was a little apprehensive going into this with a two year old & three year old but it was SO much fun.  Monster loved being able to run around, follow daddy, play in the corn and just run wildly around like a maniac.  Sure we had a couple melt downs but nothing that lasted terribly long nor what a shoulder ride from daddy couldn't fix.  And we finished in just under a hour.  I will def. be going back next year.  I LOVED it!!!!  

Monster and daddy

The map...are you serious??!

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halfway done!!!

He loves being on daddy's shoulders..can you blame him?!
we came out alive!

On Sunday, I went to a wine bar with my dear girlfriend before lunch.  Its called 1313 Main and it is amazing!  so many wines to choose from not to mention a bubble bar!!!!  {this mama was happy}.  We got the bubble flight called "Bubble Trouble" and I was not disappointed although with chammy I rarely am.  (:
We tried 3 different champagnes all were delicious.  

The last, Lucien Albrecht was my favorite!

the bff and I (:

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