Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday fun


I'll be tackling Christmas a mall....with a myself this weekend!  Among other fun things we have planned!  Last weekend, I went to the mall with my mother-in-law and son and he had his first in public temper tantrum.  It wasn't as tramatic or embarrassing as I had initially imagined..still not an ideal situation.  I have always thought that I wouldn't EVER be THAT mean mother that watches their kid throw a fit in public.  I imagined I would pick him up right away bc I don't want a scene and I want him to know he's loved.  However, I let him throw a tantrum.  He was kicking and screaming and crying and I let him play it out.  About ten minutes later he was back to his happy self completely forgetting about the car he so desperately needed.  I was at a mall with people I will never see again.  Who cares what they think!  What I did learn, however, is to not go to a crowded mall during nap time....You're never going to be in and out during the holidays!

Wish me luck! Hope everyone has a fabulous and holiday fun filled weekend! xoxo

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