Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gummy Love

After reading several different blogs and doing research and taking a poll from my girlfriends, I decided to try and make vodka gummy bears! They sounded so easy but could they really be as delicious as I read and so strong that the news had to report them?! First I started with a 3lb bag of gummy bears that I got at Target (on sale :) )
Than i put them in a container and poured the vodka on top!  I used Pinnacle's whipped vodka because I thought it would flavored would taste better.  It didn't hurt that i already had a HUGE bottle in my cupboard :)

Sealed up and ready to soak in the flavor!

I also did a batch with red bull vodka at the request of a friend.  

The outcome we decided was the gummy bears without the redbull were a little too strong for our liking.  with a little juice added they would be scrumptious.  the red bull/vodka bears were the hit of the party!!!  I personally like whipped vodka so i think with a little less vodka they would be a hit for sure!!!!

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