Friday, December 16, 2011

New me New hair!

A month ago I made the drastic decision to try and color my hair from a box {gasp}.  I've had the same hair colorist for a few years now and while she's AMAZING! and I love her! she also costs me a pretty penny every couple months.  I decided to try it once.   I have friends who color their hair from boxes and it turns out great! It kills me to spend nearly $200 every few months on HAIR!  Not to mention my hair was never perfect.  Not silky, shiny, smooth hair you see in commercials.  I still had fly-a-ways, frizz and dead ends!   I thought "why not"? Plus, it didn't hurt that I had a hairstylist/colorist readily awaiting my call if it turned out ghastly.  Hey, a girl's got to be prepared...  i wanted a change.  i have been blondish for a few years now and with winter coming i was ready to go to the dark side!

me before at a friends wedding (I'm in the middle)  

After the 1st time!  i loved the color, however, i relied completely on the directions and it wasn't as rich as i had desired
the 2nd time it was PERFECT!!  Rich, dark with red and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

the first brand i tried was Ferria (lets be honest would Beyonce ever steer me wrong?) Deep bronzed brown.  i think if I had left on for more than 20 minutes it would have been killer!  The 2nd time i tried (by myself i might add) after heavily discussing with a coloring veteran, i went with Loreal, a color called root beer float! the name had me sold right away, i happen to love root beer floats :) Who knew for less that $10 i could have hair color I'm in love with! What do ya think!?

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