Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy glamour

 I was loving all the fashion, sparkles and accessories last night as I watched the Grammy's! The red carpet is my favorite part!  I love to see what people chose!!  There were TONS of sparkles last night and i was loving every minute of it!  There was also a lot of shall we say SEX on the carpet as well.  Last, I checked the Grammy's were upscale and the VMA's were for being brave!  Without further a do, here's my list of favorites:  
Paris Hilton looked ravishing and so classy.  Anytime, there's a red carpet she is there but she stunned!
Carrie Underwood looking to die for.  she rarely disappoints
Kate Beckinsale looked absolutely divine!!  i have a total girl crush!!
i loved Katy Perry's dress.  She got a lot of flack for being too matchy matchy but to be honest she has blue hair i think it was her only choice!!  I wish she had done something a little softer with her hair however
Adele looked amazing!
Giuliana Rancic looked gorgeous as always! 
Kelly Osbourne was a sparkly delight!!

Kathy Griffin was a vision

Kelly Rowland took my breath away

Miranda Lambert looked like such a lady.  Wasn't the most flattering dress for her but it sure was beautiful!

Taylow Swift looked like such a grown up and i love how she kept her makeup simple
 and now for my "what were they thinking???"
snookie...enough said!  I'm not even sure why she was there..

Amber Rose.  Not a fan of her in this.  its a lovely dress its just not working for me! and the red lips..YIKES!

Why even wear a dress?  I get it you're a VS model, does that mean u don't own anything that isn't a swimsuit??!

Fergie...I actually like this dress if there was a layer underneath it and on top of her under garments..

Oh Lady Gaga..I have no words
I don't even know where to start on this
Nicki Manaj....this whole thing is just atrocious a pope look-a-like??  Have some respect

While Rianna looked fierce in this i feel the Grammy's was the wrong venue for this dress

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