Monday, February 6, 2012

Pinterest creation

Like many of you out here in blog land, I am OBSESSED with Pinterest!  I find the neatest things from decorations, recipes, clever tricks to homemade soaps.  My latest discovery was from the brilliant Jenny Hobick.  I love her blog, I read it religiously!  If you haven't go check it out!

I found these little cuties over on her Pinterest page and thought they were perfect for our super bowl festivities! 

I was pleasantly surprised to read how easy and quick these were to whip up! I won't be opening a bakery anytime soon but they were delicious and consumed within an hour of me taking the lid off!!  Always a good sign!  I did find out, however, that the little ones are best because these puppies EXPAND!!  My first batches were massive!  I need to work on my baker's hand and invest in a better pastry bag and nozzles.  All in all a fun way to spend my Sunday morning with my monster!!!  He was my frosting tester :)
This is the cake mix i decided on! Betty Crocker never fails me
BEFORE - shaping batter is much harder than it sounds!!
Laces out! :)

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