Thursday, April 5, 2012

Face Lift

Hello blogger's!  I did some changes and gave my little blog a "facelift".  It was time, plus the pink and green theme before was giving me a tots headache. I also decided to change up my style as well.  Before, my blog was a place to vent and post my wants/needs {hey! Isn't that what pinterest and Facebook are for??} Now I'm turning it into a place where can I talk to y'all about my crafty moments, fashion loves/hates and how much I completely suck at being a housewife.  I am an un-housewife.  Let's face it, some ladies have the housewife gene and some don't.  I sadly, DO NOT!  I will never have a Pottery Barn or Better Homes & Gardens type of home.  I work full time, have a two year old son and no maid.  I will always have "stuff" on my counter.  My house is messy but I can tell you where everything is at the drop of a hat....most days :)  I don't know how you women out there do it.  IS THERE A SECRET OUT THERE MY MOM NEVER SHARED?? I most certainly do not knock the mommies down out there who can {any tips ladies??}

Just because I'm married and a mommy now why does that mean I HAVE to clean and do laundry on my weekends?  I don't want to...I won't.  Sure, I would love a spotless home just like on Modern Family but its unrealistic.  I have toys everywhere.   I don't hate change, we grow up, its life.  I wouldn't trade my life now to go back where i was when i was 21-24.  Being out at the bars EVERY weekend...BLAH!  They're crowded, you have to wait forever to get an overpriced drink and I don't want to know the bartenders by name {its not an accomplishment, it means you're a drunk.}:) 

So today's post is more or less a new introduction to my blog.  I say Napa something because I grew up in the beautiful Napa Valley.  I currently live in Cordelia but drive to American Canyon everyday because that's where my son's amazing sitter is and I work in Napa still.  So I leave our home everyday at 7:30 and don't get home until 6-615ish.  I recently got a sort of promo and work part-time as a paralegal.  Hoping it'll turn into a full time gig :) {keep your fingers and toes crossed for me}

Hope you stick around and see else my crazy un-housewife self is up to!!!


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  1. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog! I love this introduction! I do not have kids yet, but I am already in aww at those women who have young children, work full time, have no help, and still maintain a spotless home...oh, wait. this does not exist! LOL. There is more to life than a pretty house :) Hope you have a great weekend!