Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello Lover...

i know this is a little late but its worth posting late!  For Father's Day, I knew what I was going to get my hubby MONTHS in advance! Naturally I forgot and was panicking the week before only to be saved by my amazing MIL who re reminded me and picked it up for me.  Behold the GREATEST invention ever made for people who get hot while sleeping but like snuggling under all the covers {i.e. ME..i won't completely put my hubby on blast :)} THE BED FAN!!!!!!!!!! {applause welcome}

I found this little piece of heavan from the Brookstone catalog!!!  its fantastic!!!  i love the wireless remote that you just push to turn on/off.  and control how fast it blows just by turning it!  its s easy and the air you get from this little guy...i actually get cold!!!!  :) i LOOVE it!!!!!

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