Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Make up Musts

Hey all!!!  Today i thought i would share some of beauty must haves with you!!!  I'm a very simple make up kinda girl.  I don't like to spend hours on end in the bathroom in the morning getting ready for my day ( i also don't have the luxury of having that sort of time with my 2.5 y/o monster); nor do I like to look like someone else!  Below are the things I NEVER leave the house without!  I don't mind spending a little extra on beauty if it truly is better however as we all know this is not always the case.

First i apply Smashbox photo finish color correcting primer.  It evens out my skin tone while brightening it!  THESE are absolutely the most amazing face products i have EVER used!!  You can use the Primer finder tool by clicking the link and find your perfect match!!  Next I use well rested under eye brightener & matte foundation by Bare Minerals!  I love the feeling of not wearing any makeup and these do just that but with full coverage!  Than i apply a couple dots of Benefit rose colored cheek and lip tint.  I love the natural pink color it gives plus the rose smell is a bonus and my husband loves the smell so i always get kisses on the cheek :) Always a plus!!!  I could go all day without wearing a stitch of makeup but I will never go without mascara.  I have used countless brands of mascara from Dior, benefit, Estee Lauder and Clinique to Revlon and Rimmel.  I have two favorites.  Dior was too chunky and i hated it and at the steep price of $36 i was relieved.  Benefit's bad gal lash was ok but after a while i just stopped liking it!  (to be honest i cant remember why) Estee Lauder double wear mascara is divine!!  When i have the time I'll buy that so normally  i use Maybelline Colossal Volum Express in glam black!  That mascara works.  I have people asking me if i wear fake eyelashes its that GOOD!  i have extremely long lashes (must be why i love mascara so).  My last love is Laura Mercier nude lips lipstick.   It gives my lips just a hint of color and shine.  My husband hates lip gloss because its sticky so he refuses to kiss me when i wear it.  This is the perfect one!  i trick him into thinking im not wearing anything bwahahaha :) And there you have it!!! 


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