Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One year!!

Yesterday was my hubby's and I one year wedding anniversary!!! My day got off to a ROUGH start. 
My amazing husband quickly changed that with one phone call.  He told me he left his check in my car & to get it bc he was on his way....i found this strange but i was busy so i reluctantly went out and checked and wouldn't you know it!!???!!!  He left GORGEOUS flowers in my car full of sunflowers (my favorite and wedding flower) and other pretties.  For all you readers out there, i don't get flowers often {more like never}because hubby does not do small flower arrangements.  They're always big and beautiful!!! 

We decided to stick to the paper theme for our anniversary and my hubby went above and beyond what i had expected!!!  He did fantastic!!! He's not the best gift giver....BUT got me a gift certificate {paper! clever man} for me and my bestie for a spa day!  He doesn't like strangers touching him so it was his way of giving me a couples day so to speak.  We went to see a movie, did some shopping and went out for appetizers and drinks as i was STUFFED from the all the popcorn and candy :)  We had a great evening.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect anniversary!!! 

Its amazing how this...

turns into this ...

leading to this!

Life certainly has a funny way to working out!  We may have done everything completely backwards but i wouldn't change it for anything because i ended up with two boys i get to call my own and i couldn't imagine my life without!  Happy anniversary hunnies i LOVE YOU!!!!

my anniversary flowers

our "top layer" so to speak.  Our cake lady didn't recommend freezing the top layer, instead she offers to make you one for your anniversary!!!

US!  clearly hubby had OD on being romantic bc he was silly all throughout drinks/appetizers!!!  One of the many reasons why i love him!!!!!

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