Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame...

After reading this little blog of mine, you now know my one year wedding anniversary was on Monday!  Well I shared with you all my hubby did for me but i didn't share what I did for him!  I'm pretty excited too! My inner craftiness came out!!!  :)

So my husband is a TOTAL sports fanatic.  Anything sports related comes on TV, he is instantly interested;   doesn't matter if it's his team or not.  He can tell me any statistic of any team from MLB to the NBA.  Its irritating and interesting all the same time.  i just don't understand how people can retain that kind of information!!!

Wanting to keep with the paper tradition I decided to take my hubby & monster to a San Francisco Giants game.  That is his favorite team!!  He really wants to take our son to a game and we've been talking about it so after finally buying our monster a fitted giants hat i thought this was PERFECT!  Instead of picking a game for us to go to , i decided to let him pick.  Baseball is my top sport to watch, especially the giants, so i could really care less who they play as long as i have good seats and a beer!  So i made him a fake ticket!!  It was a lot of fun to create!  I am obsessed with photobucket.  The things you can create on that site are endless!!  I made our monster's 2nd birthday cards from there as well!!!!  

Here is what i created for him!! Along with this I printed out a list of all the home games so he could choose!  Where we sit is up to me :) That's the BEST surprise and secret!!! 
Aaaaaaah i cannot wait!!!!


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