Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Suisan Valley Wine Tasting!!!

Sunday i went wine tasting with a couple girls for my friend's 30th b-day!!  We had so much fun.  Living in the Napa Valley, we have a plethora of wineries to choose from so when i got asked to go i was thrilled!!  i haven't been wine tasting since December of 2011!!!!!  Crazy i know! {that's not to say i haven't drank any wine since than tho.. :) I always taste in Napa or go up valley but Sunday, my gf's husband planned the whole thing and we went to Suisun.  When i first found this out i was not happy, i really didn't know what to expect...I'm kind of a wine snob and being raised in the Napa Valley i have certain expectations!  Boy was i wrong!!!  They have amazing and beautiful wineries out there!!!!  The wine was pretty good too!! :)  

The wineries up valley are delicious and elegant but a little stuck up sometimes.  All the wineries we went to in Suisun were fun and the staff was great!  One had live music and the bbq going and 10 {yep you read that right, TEN} tasting for $7 and than you got to pick your favorite and enjoy a glass!!!  It was just a great day with great people and great laughs.  I need a day like sunday every weekend and a day like the next never...this mama was so.hungover. :(

My favorite the Blue Victorian with the most AMAZING Zin i have ever had.  Isnt it cute?

i could get used to THIS life!!!
out back...
dancing to the beat in her own head :) silly girl!

me and my bug!

me and the b-day girl in the vineyards!
Another beauty, Vetzer

Last stop and to be honest, i don't know the name..:)

The Kelly's and I at Wooden Valley Winery. 
Ledgewood Creek Winery had STUNNING views and breathtaking scenery

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