Thursday, September 13, 2012

RIP Officer Kenyon Youngstrom

As many of you have heard, a CHP officer was shot in the head on Tuesday 9/4 after a routine traffic stop.  He died a day later on Wednesday 9/5.  This affected me instantly and i dont know if its because he lived in my neighborhood, was such an exemplary  person or bc my brother-in-law is a policeman but it shook me to my core.  It got me thinking and the more i do the angrier i get.  This man who was a father, a husband, took an oath to serve and protect above all else, was innocently doing his job and got shot for it.  It makes me sick to my stomach and breaks my heart. 

I don't know about you but i only know maybe a handful of people who would put their life before mine. Who do you know that would take a bullet for you, jump into a burning building to save your life or do everything in their power to save your life.  How would you feel if you were at work one day and someone pulled a gun on you?  These men and women protect us like we would protect our own children.  I would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for my son to keep him out of harms way...

Bare with me bc this is where the venting begins...Most Fridays/Saturday nights i see on Facebook "avoid HWY 29" or avoid main drags in town bc there are DUI checkpoints.  Other days i read tons of cops out, don't speed on this road or that road and to be honest it infuriates me.  Well, not the cops on one road bc truth be told i have a lead foot!  ill be the first to admit when i see a cop on the side of the road I'm the first to lift my foot off the gas speeding or not.  I had a friend who got a ticket for texting and driving and was blaming the cops and cussing up a storm complaining that they should be do something else with our tax dollars.  Sweetheart he was just doing his job and keeping you and others out of harms way, you should be thanking him!!!!  My husband texts and drives constantly and i always get mad at him for it.  Its not that he isn't a good driver bc he is!  He sees things i don't even see while looking in the same area.  My frustrations really don't lie with him texting, its more of the uncertainty of what the other drivers are doing.  If he's looking at his phone and texting, he potentially couldn't swerve out of the way if a car is coming straight for him or see an accident ahead or god knows what else.  Lesson #1 in driver's education is to constantly be scanning the road ahead of us.

When did telling friends to not drink and drive on certain roads be acceptable?  Telling them to avoid a road is not helping them or anyone else that could come in contact with them.  Plain and simple: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!  These man/women are doing their jobs to protect you and everyone else there.  People who are doing things wrong deserve to be caught.

While driving to work this morning this is what i saw and i cried the whole rest of the way to work. Tons of police cars with their lights on honoring their fallen "brother" escorting his body where he will be put to rest far to early.  A firetruck with a raised flag honoring him and many others standing on the side of the road saluting as the hearse passed them by.  Never again will i think "oh crap a cop" when he pulls behind me or see sitting on the side of the road. 

We all need to show more respect to these people who everyday deserve our respect and allow us to live our days in and out safely.  RIP Officer Kenyon Youngstrom.  My prayers are with your family.   To help his family, click here

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