Monday, February 25, 2013

My Oscars Best Dressed

Award shows are my favorite!!  I especially love the Oscars!  Give me a night of to.die.for looks and some bubbles...HELLO perfect Sunday night!!  Since having our "monster" we don't get out much for movie nights like we used to so the Oscars for me are a time of making a list of the must see movies we must rent! without further ado, here are my top favorite looks from last night!!!
Zoe Saldana looked lovely.  Her dress was divine.  I love how girlie yet fierce it is!!  Eat your heart out Bradley Cooper..

Kerry Washington is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses and her dress was gorgeous!  The detail on top was   simply stunning.
Adele's hair and makeup was absolute perfection

Jenifer: so good to see you in color and ditching the LBD and neutrals!  Of course her  BEST accessory was hubs to be, Justin Theroux

Reese's dress was nothing to die for but she looks so good in that blue i had to add it.  Not to mention i just adore her!

Robin i love you!  isn't she beautiful??!  

What were some of your favs from last night??!

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