Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Puppy Power: Meet Posey

So we got a puppy yesterday; a German Shepherd!! She is the cutest cuddliest most perfect puppy ever!!!  Just saying the name puppy brings a smile to my face!  Our breeder brought over 2 sisters {we wanted a girl as they are family protectors whereas the males are property protectors}.  As soon as the crate opened one comes barreling out ready to play; she was a mischievous one and i loved her immediately.  Her bouncy steps, her curiosity we'll call it and just overall demeanor.  About 10 minutes later, the other sister finally came out and immediately went to our son and wouldn't leave his side.  With one stare and hand to paw we found our dog.  My monster instantaneously found his feline friend for life and I my fur baby.

I'm pleased to introduce the newest Donaldson member {finally a girl} Posey!!!!

Monster and Posey watching cartoons :)  she never leaves his side 

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