Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trina Turk Thursday

I recently stopped by a favorite boutique of my mine that I love to window shop in; truth be told i cant afford anything in it but everything is so pretty!  Over the last 5 years, i have obtained some beauties from them but not since i had my monster!  Its funny how before children you can justify spending x amount of money on a dress you simply cant live without but after children, you tend to really think about your purchases and what your needs and wants are; and that's how it should be i feel! i would eat Top Ramon every night if that meant  my child could eat whatever his heart desired [thankfully i don't have to do that but i would in a heart beat!]

While perusing the goodness that is in Cake Plate  i fell in love with a beautiful dress that i just couldn't live without by Trina Turk!!!!  Since i had no where to wear it [and practically $400] i walked away from it but I'm still drooling over it!  Here are some of my favorites from the oh-so-talented Trina Turk!  i just love her designs!!!!

perfect for a day at the office and drinks with girlfriends afterwards

so chic and great for brunch date

Great for family park day

*swoon* i love it!

Love LOVE LOVE this!

I'm a mom to a busy boy so i prefer flats these days and how chic are these :) Well done Trina Turk well done :) you can find these are HERE

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