Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had such a busy and wonderful weekend!!!!  The hubby and I ran errands and shopped til we dropped on Saturday!  Its rare that we run errands together so it was nice to do it as a family :) We bought new pillows [I've wanted to do this for some time but without the hubs its hard as i like down pillows and he likes extra fluffy], we bought a juicer [we bought the Vitamix and while i LOVE it we wanted an actual juicer], the hubs got some new work pants/softball shorts and then we stopped by Home Depot.  It all went down hill from there.  Becoming a home owner means no more impromptu trips to Target rather becoming a regular at Home Depot where just running in for a couple things, you end up with three carts!!!!  We are sprucing up our backyard so we bought various plants and flowers and some pots and man those add up!!!  LOL  We had dinner with friends Saturday night and worked on the yard together as a family Sunday! 

Hubby built me a raised garden bed :) so i got all my veggies and herbs planted.  i raked and weeded all weekend but the backyard is finally coming together more.  ill have pictures up tomorrow!

And in more recent news: WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY!  We are meeting her tonight to make sure its a good fit for us and for my monster.  Here are a couple pics, shes so cute i just die!  Her little face!!!  Here she is with her sister, we get to choose.  I'm just so in love.  Hubby has been begging for a dog and finally i caved.  The timing is right, i think my monster will love it and he's old enough were hopefully he wont be a terror to her :) plus they can tire each other!!!

She's my favorite :)

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