Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Figgin out

So we have a fig tree in our backyard and this year I have decided that I'm making fig jam! Last year i enjoyed the figs with cheese and white wine with my ladies but mainly the birds benefited from my tree; not this year birds!  I have always wanted to make jam especially after my awesome aunt sent me her homemade pomegranate lip gloss/stain (its as amazing as it sounds).  I have found recipes overload online and on Pinterest but have narrowed it down to two recipes and since I have figs coming out the wazoo I am going to make both batches.  One just a regular plain Jane fig jam and then wait for it...strawberry fig jam.

Move over Martha there's a new sheriff in town....

On another fun note, Happy wine Wednesday!!!  I get to see my bug tonight and cannot wait.  We haven't been able to get together in months; she's literally the busiest person I know.  Dinner, wine and girl talk...I can't wait (almost as good as a vacation)

I'll post my review on the jams next week :) 

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