Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Forgiveness is a tricky concept.  As one of my favorite movies, Just Friends, sings, "Forgiveness, is more than saying sorry.  Forgiveness means accepting peoples flaws.  To forgive is devine,  So lets have a glass of wine and have make up sex until the end of time, time, time.. LOL 

 But in all seriousness, forgiveness is something I have a hard time doing or maybe just the forgetting part.  Recently, I have been having dreams about an old friend and it has brought back a flood of memories.  We had some really fun times back in the day and I do miss those moments.  Over the weekend she found me on twitter, you can find me HERE, and started following me.  It has to be a sign right?!  I don't want her back in my life but I am having thoughts about possibly reaching out to her and making our past water under the bridge so to speak.  She behaved pretty badly and did some things I'm sure she's not proud of as am I.  I was so hurt and lashed out in some very immature ways.  She has since had a baby and babies have a tendency to put things in perspective.  I reached out to my BFF, Laura about it, who also is no longer with this old friend, and she warned me not to let her back in my life.  My head agrees with Laura but my heart disagrees a bit.   

There's also the other part of me that thinks maybe she's still pissed at me and has no intention of ever wanting to speak again.  Like I said, I behaved VERY poorly.  I don't want to reach out to have it bring everything back, ya know what i mean jelly beans?   

What are your thoughts on reconnecting with an old friend who hurt you?  I could really use an outside opinion....

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