Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New new new

THIS mama got a new job!  Gone are the days of being someone elese's keeper, (except at home of course), calendar, answering service, coffee fetcher and work wife.  Now I have my very own office and business cards plus a pretty discount on wine!!!!  I am so excited for this new transition!  Its a whole new ballfield for me and definitely out of my comfort zone but I am ready!  You, my friends, are looking at the new Compliance Coordinator for a Napa Winery! Stepping out of your comfort zone is difficult to do but with supportive friends and family its worth the risk.  I had worked at my previous job for 7 years but was ready for a change and boy did I get one! Everyday I learn something new and I love it!  I love getting up and going to work every morning now!!!

Naturally I got new hair (and shades) to go with my new adult job :D #brunetteshavemorefun

Lots of love!  Remember to follow your dreams and trust your (in my case) pie filled gut! xox

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