Friday, January 9, 2015

Fashion Friday

I love shoes!!!  They are the only thing that never change and will always fit (unless you have babies... and then your feet grow!)  I like having nice things, I always have; they make me feel good. Since our monster came into our lives and miss Posey, priorities have changed obviously but I recently started doing cross-fit with my husband (let me just say ouch!) and he said if I stick with it for a whole year, there will be a surprise for me in December!!!!!!!  My dream would be shoes!!! 
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these!  My heart skips a beat every time I see these!

Celine dream purse and louboutins. What more does a girl need?

Hello gorgeous

Who doesn't love nor desire the classic red bottom!!!! I think I just found my inspiration and motivation to keep working out!  If you love shoes as much as me, go check out  You'll have total shoe/closet envy like me but get a daily dose of shoe heaven!!!

Images found on pinterest.

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