Friday, April 10, 2015

Decorating woes

We recently moved to an adorable house back in my hometown and I couldn't be more excited!!!!!!  I immediately fell in love with the house when we first looked at it (actually I fell in love when I first googled the address).  We are directly across the street from a terrific school AND its where our son will go to kindergarten!!! 
How adorbs is our new in love!
Its an older house but has been completely renovated inside and!!! I love it all, from the lemon tree in the front yard to the dutch door in my kitchen among other things!  I cant wait to put a swing in that big ole' tree! 

Even though im ridiculously excited about this new place I am having a hard time getting into the swing of unpacking.  I think its because I envisioned exactly where I wanted our furniture and with what rug.  Well, when we moved out of our old house, my favorite rug had been in storage & when we unrolled it, we discovered it was all moldy from a leak in the storage unit so we had to toss it :( We used a different rug we had for a different room and it works temporarily but its DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!  Plus, it just doesn't match my look.

In any event, I need some help choosing a new rug!  Hubby and I couldn't have more different tastes.  He wants very traditional and simple.  I want more modern with some color.  All the walls are beige  including the ceiling so I would really love to get some color in there!!  Tell me what you think!

This is EXACTLY what I want but my hubby hates it! 

Im swooning over this rug but its a little out of our budget plus with a toddler and GSD it may be too light :)


As you can see, i definitely have a style im going for!!!!  Im also loving ikat right now however the hubs says over his dead body.  He HATES the pattern!!
I do have my new bedding picked out though and can't wait for it get here!!!!!  I found the cutest free printable here that you can customize and it matches perfect :)

All images found on pinterest. 

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