Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memorable Memorial Day BBQ

Have you guys heard/seen Taylor Swift's new Bad Blood music video??!!!  It's amazing and I am in love.  I just adore Taylor Swift.  I heard on the radio a couple days ago that Taylor Swift was voted one of the top 20 hated celebrities!!!  Can you believe that?!!  She seems like the sweetest most genuine person.  Anywhoo, I'm getting off track... 

We are finally having friends over for a little Memorial Day/house warming BBQ!!  I am so excited!!!  I have been trolling pinterest, foodie blogs and hounding my friends on what we should make and do and after 2 days, I finally have our menu!!!! (I can't make a decision to save my life so 2 days is HUGE for me.) :)

I want to have some games set up in the backyard for the kids so the wives can chit chat :)  I thought I'd set up an outdoor twister game (I may get in on that action too), bean bag toss, fun disc tic tac toe (with a shower cutain liner!) and ring toss! 

 Over the weekend, I went to little league day at the Oakland A's stadium.  It was my monster's first professional game and boy oh boy did he have a blast.  We got to walk the field and watch real baseball players warm up and of course how could we not jump on the foamy walls like the real baseball players do!?  We had such a BLAST!


We went with our friends who also happens to be his coach and teammates and my girlfriend Tiffany from made AH-MAZING chipotle mayo sliders which were to DIE FOR!!!!  Since I've been craving these all week, she shared her super simple recipe with me so we are making those for our bbq!
chipotle mayo sliders:
separate peppers from juice.  add 1 T juice to mayo.  grill mini burgers.  put on Hawaiian rolls.  Voila!  SO.GOOD. (I may or may not have had 4 on Sunday.  In my defense they are tiny so its all good)
We are also making Tri Tip and having a baked potato bar and bacon wrapped asparagus *drool*!  I'm making my top secret baked bean recipe!  Sorry, I cannot share that recipe with ya'll!  And I saw this tutorial on turning toasted marshmallows into shot glasses!!!  So awesome!!!!  I plan on making a snickerdoodle cake recipe with brown sugar buttercream frosting from that popped up on my facebook feed from this morning that looked delish! 

What is your favorite bbq food to make/game to play?! 

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