Thursday, May 21, 2015

Talk blonde to me!

I am always changing my hair.  I have been strawberry blonde, dark brown, red-brown, brunette and dirty blonde; short hair to longish hair.  I like to change my look up in both hair and clothes.  Check out some of my many looks below!  Thankfully I don't have many pictures from my strawberry blonde days...that look just emphasized the red in my face!!  Never again will I let a girlfriend talk me into a) box dying and b) that I'll look good as a strawberry blonde!!!

This is one of my favorite hair colors!

This was a close 2nd for my favorite hair color!
I loved the dark but my hubcap didn't.

With summer rapidly approaching, I am itching to go blonde.  So when I saw the AH-MAZING and talented Hilary Duff on the cover of Cosmopolitan in April, I knew that was the color I wanted to be!!  I immediately took a picture of her and sent it to my hairstylist and told her what I wanted to do!!  I have an appointment in a couple weeks to finally do it and I am so excited!!!!  Seriously, how amaze does she look??!!!  Divorce and motherhood agree with her!  Another major girl crush of mine :)  Have ya'll seen the new show Younger?!!!  I'm obsessed! 

 Anywhoo, whenever I want to try a new hair color/hairstyle, I always to go to  I have so much fun trying on different celebrities hairstyles.  All you do is create an account, for free, upload your picture and than starts the fun!!! Here are some of my favorite blonde looks :)

Blake Lively
Diane Kruger

Dianna Agron
Heidi Klum

Kristin Bell

Julia Roberts


Kate Hudson
Kate Upton


Tell me which is your favorite?!

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